Do you feel like you have no control over anger outbursts?  Do you feel angry on a regular basis? Hypnotherapy & NLP are powerful tools to help you manage your anger.

 Some feelings of anger are natural and demonstrate to us that our brain is responding to something we feel strongly about.  This is a healthy reaction.  However it is when we feel our anger getting the better of us, that it becomes a problem.  Do you identify with any of the following when you feel angry: 

  • Racing negative thoughts, feeling of losing control

  • Projecting anger towards others in various ways

  • Racing heart rate, tightness in the chest, tension in the                                                                                            -  body, and other physical sensations 

When you feel anger, your body's muscles become tense.  Within your brain, neurotransmitter chemicals called catecholamines fire off, resulting in an increase in energy for a short time. The release of energy is the reason we experience that well known anger state, which causes us to react.  Simultaneously your heart rate rapidly increases, blood pressure elevates, and breathing rate climbs.  This increases blood flow to the rest of your body gearing you up for defending yourself physically.  Your focus suddenly becomes fixed on the object of your anger. It them becomes difficult to focus on any other thought, at the same time, another influx of brain neurotransmitters and hormones (among them adrenaline and noradrenaline) are dispensed firing off a feeling of arousal.  You're now prepared to fight and react.

In a healthy response, we may rightly feel upset or angry about something, yet we know we can use our other inner resources to regain control over our thinking, and act in a healthier more constructive way to resolve the issue.   Anger that is sometimes passive or physically aggressive, can harm ourselves and others.  Whatever the reason, we can all too often feel like anger controls us and not the other way around.  In some cases our response is one that we have learned or had to use to defend ourselves against being bullied, abused, or treated unfairly in some way.

Using a blend of Hypnosis and NLP, anger can successfully be controlled, by teaching you how to use your own inner resources along with learning techniques, to change the way you manage unhelpful emotions.  

You can learn how to feel calm and in balance in any situation, by harnessing your inner resources.  Hypnotherapy & NLP helps you to renew and anchor new ways of thinking.  Through hypnosis & NLP you will begin to recognise your triggers and learn alternative ways in how to manage them.  During hypnosis, you will experience a deep feeling of calmness and comfortable relaxation, in a warm and welcoming environment.  I will teach you techniques that you can use out of session to remain calm and in control in any situation.  

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