Hypnotherapy uses the tool of 'Hypnosis' which employs a powerful 'bypassing' action.  The critical faculties within the conscious mind, are bypassed to reach the subconscious areas; the powerhouse, where lies an infinite portion of confidence and great self-esteem.  This is where transformation takes place.

Are you affected by low self-esteem, or feel you have poor self confidence?  Do you feel self conscious at times, inadequate, unworthy?  Are you prone to self-sabotage, where your thoughts get the better of you and result in avoidance of situations preventing you fully engaging in the life?  Do you compare yourself to others and consequently feel worse about yourself or your situation? 

If you have answered yes to any of these, then you are likely suffering from low self-esteem and confidence. Everybody at some time in their life will experience self doubt or have a crisis of confidence.  However, for some, this is an everyday obstacle, whether it has been a long term issue or the result of a recent life event.  Self confidence and self-esteem, are by-products of how we think and feel about ourselves, and how we think others might see us.  These thoughts about ourselves can sometimes have an obsessive quality, without being conscious of it. This results in a repetitive way of thinking and seeing ourselves, usually negatively, consequently affecting our behaviour in all areas of our lives.

 Lack of self confidence and Low self-esteem can stem from:

  • Issues in childhood and/or with parents and family members
  • Bullying
  • Relationship problems
  • Mental Health issues
  • Long term core beliefs about yourself
  • Rejection, criticism, feeling unloved
  • Social Isolation or difficulty socialising in general
  • Difficulty communicating
  • Disability and Illness
  • Fear
  • Dissatisfaction in certain life areas
  • Being overweight 
  • and more...
Hypnotherapy brings you to a place of peace and acceptence, a place where you can undo years of harmful thinking in a matter of hours; it’s like being born again.
— Unknown

End the self sabotaging behaviours and thoughts, by giving yourself freedom to let go and discover your hidden potential.  I work entirely within your goals, lifestyle and from the outset, work towards helping you reach as place of change and self transformation.   

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