Hypnotherapy works wonders to remove Fears & Phobias, by reaching the depths of your subconscious mind, and informing it of new ways of thinking. No matter how long standing the issue!

Fears and phobias can be disabling, overwhelming and appear too big to overcome at times.  If you have found yourself experiencing fear that prevents you from leading a full life then it is time to look at solutions to put an end to this unhelpful cycle. 

What is fear and where does it come from?

Fear is actually a useful tool to help us detect real danger or life threatening situations, so that our brain can work more efficiently, faster and focus on the object of the fear in order to escape.  This is okay in an obvious dangerous situation and one that our prehistoric ancestors survived with!  The part of our brain that is responsible for fear has through various experiences, often negative for us, taught us that we should fear some things more than others, and so reacts as it's designed to for us to 'fight or flee'.

These experiences whether taught, or experienced directly, can sometimes become troublesome when our brain fails to distinguish which is 'real' danger and which isn't.  Essentially, when confronted with our fear or phobia, our brain goes into immediate action and executes the delivery of several neurotransmitters (hormones) that pump up our muscles, increase our heart rate, cause heightened anxiety and gives our body all it needs to respond as if it were under attack.  This results in the terribly unpleasant response and sensations we feel when we're faced with that which we have a phobia or fear over. 

So what type of fears and phobias can one have?

  • Fear or phobia of just about anything is common
  • Typical: Flying, Spiders, Water, insects, snakes, dogs etc...
  • There are also atypical fears and phobias ranging from gloves to dust and so on
  • Fear of the fear itself, leading to anxiety, and then more fear, an endless cycle
  • And much more...

What can Hypnotherapy and NLP do to help decrease or end my Phobias and fear?

A lot. It is most common that Hypnotherapists encounter clients with fears and phobias about a wide range of things.  Hypnosis is used to gradually and sensitively decrease the level of attention and emotion we give to our fears, by speaking directly to the subconscious mind and re-framing the original (if known) experience that caused the fear in the first place.  If the origin is unknown to the person, then there are numerous highly effective and powerful methods that can be used to root out the cause or extinguish it from how it presents currently. 

The results speak for themselves.  Many people, men, women and children, can completely eradicate in most instances, all irrational fears or phobias, by receiving Hypnotherapy and NLP to directly yet gently target the issue. 

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