Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a communication therapy that harnesses the powerful potential within each and every one of us, to promote better ways of thinking, feeling and behaving in all areas of our lives.  NLP is a widely used technique, applied within a vast majority of Psychological or talking therapies. The techniques used within NLP work to unravel old harmful and unhelpful beliefs and black and white thinking, that can keep you 'stuck' and hold you back in life.  NLP is combined with Hypnotherapy to re-frame and restore or remove thinking and communication patterns that limit positive behaviour.

Within NLP sessions, I work closely with you to help you look more deeply at the 'roots' or causes of unwanted behaviours and communication.  From here we will aim to establish where you want to be and what habits, behaviours and issues are preventing you from moving forward.  With these, goals are then set, that you can realistically and actively work towards between sessions.   I combine Hypnotherapy to fully enhance NLP to ensure that not only your conscious, but your subconscious mind can absorb new positive, life -affirming, and transformational habits.

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