Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit. Willpower, it turns out, counts for very little... on its own.
— New Scientist, Vol 136 (Issue 1845)

Hypnosis is a powerful and highly effective tool to help people stop smoking and stay a non-smoker. 

 Before reaching for a cure, why is it we become addicted to smoking in the first place?

 Understanding this is the first step in stopping smoking ...

 read on to find out how to quit for good... 

Each person has their own set of reasons for smoking.  Look at it this way; a habit, a pleasurable routine, a so called stress reliever..... that causes around 5,000,000 deaths a year, that incapacitates and rapidly ages the body, and its systems. Something that is responsible for tens of hundreds of nasty side effects, yet whose victims pay for the pleasure, happily spending up to 5 figure sums over a rapidly decreasing lifespan! Paradoxically, these same people when ill or injured essentially aim to preserve life or at least reach for conventional medicine to remedy their ills. Yet effortlessly and without thought, harm themselves daily with each inhalation of a cigarette, knowingly going against the very primal human instinct to survive in the first place! 

So why is it millions of people are willing to destroy their lives for a cigarette?  What drives us to bypass our need for survival and health and disengage from the sensible self-preservation part of our brain to puff our way to illness or even death?  Because we are only human and nicotine affects the chemistry in our brains.

The Science bit...

Addiction to smoking as with any other addiction, hijacks the brain chemical reward centre, which is actually there to make meaning of learning and make it pleasurable so we thrive and evolve during a lifetime. When we do something that we find enjoyable our brain without fail, kindly pats us on the back and says well done... we're then rewarded for our participation by a nice dose of Dopamine and Endorphins to encourage us to continually repeat this activity.  However, this part of our brain doesn't know the difference between something that's good for us, such as choosing healthy things, or between something that subtly poisons our bodies.

  As you already probably know, will power alone rarely keeps us off the cigarettes, otherwise there would be no need for the ever evolving global efforts on services to help people quit.  Hypnosis becomes the key tool that speaks to the part of the brain that's responsible for making us feel we need cigarettes to feel good.  Hypnosis uses highly effective and specialist techniques to basically inform the brain that yes, it's doing its job, but this particular habit is not to be rewarded, because it's harmful and costly.  

How can Hypnosis work to control my addiction?


Our brain receives new powerful suggestions applied through hypnosis, and informs the pleasure centre part, to use the wonderful self preservation faculties, to really come into their own and release you for good from cravings, addiction, and all the other things you imagine benefit you from smoking. Hypnosis can skillfully bypass a lifetime of chain smoking, in many cases within a one hour session.  Hypnosis stops this habit cycle, by speaking to the habit forming part of your subconscious mind, and powerfully erases the need to smoke any more.

'Hypnosis can skillfully bypass a lifetime of chain smoking, within one session!'

During each Stop Smoking session, I utilise powerful conventional and proven techniques to help you finally Stop Smoking.  Following Hypnotherapy, you will notice you feel indifferent towards cigarettes or smoking in any situation. Each session is bespoke and individually tailored to meet your unique circumstances. You will also receive a Stop Smoking CD, and self help techniques that will provide you with that ongoing motivation.

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