Self love, is it becoming extinct?


Written By: A Montague  at Transform Clinical Hypnotherapy

Sometimes there are never any direct answers as to why people don't value or love themselves. However, quite often this self belief stems from unfortunate experiences from our past in one way or another.  We may have been let down, mistreated or failed by those that were supposed to care for us in our relationships, leaving us with a feeling of being innately flawed. 

However, by living in this limbo state of false belief, we inadvertently continue to hurt and deny ourselves and others our human right to be loved and to (be love), for we cannot expect to be loved, if we cannot first love ourselves. And so the extinction process is born.  Instead of a healthy evolution where we learn to love and value ourselves, it becomes a prophesied journey through our lives and relationships. 

What is loving our self? 

Loving yourself means accepting yourself for all your faults, quirks, and erroneous patterns of thinking and behaviour. This is what makes you quintessentially human, is it not! 

We can practice reaching the true 'self' your authentic self, in many ways that are personal to you or culturally defined, akin to your belief. This means, for some we may find our selves in our truest form when all the dogma, expectation, fear and prejudice are allowed to fall away, and not design our thinking any longer. 

When we strip away the social obligation of inherited conditioning, that is; (what we're expected to be in the eyes of others) we can breath enough to LET GO and explore the real stuff of ourselves, the self in its purist form. Metaphorically it is much like looking in the mirror and seeing the truest reflection of ourselves. 

How can we begin to do this?

One way is to begin by finding a quiet place in nature, prayerful meditation, or anywhere that gives us a sense of wonderment and solitude. 

We can then begin searching all the facets of ourselves; embracing them as not merely separate parts to be concealed but, as one whole, and it's that 'wholeness' that makes us who we are. 

Whether we choose to acknowledge it or not, only WE can find that life spark, that life force within ourselves. We must realise that we can't expect the world to give us what we need, when we don't even supply ourselves with our inner most needs. 

In fact, we are the key holders to our inward happiness. Our outward world is a reflection of our inner core beliefs, 'So within so without'. 

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