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Are you damaged, do you need to be fixed?

Who’s idea is it anyway that you’re broken? Broken or damaged implies that you’re incomplete, damaged in a way that means you’ll never be what you could have been or that you’re in some way faulty. It’s a pitiful label that many people feel quick to hand out or to cast their insular judgements upon either others or the self. Is it something YOU believe to be true? Is it true you’re damaged because of what life has thrown at you? Does this really mean that YOU’RE damaged? Is it true that you are irreparable, tainted, or adulterated in a way that suggests that because of this you are not ‘Whole’? What does ‘whole’ mean? Whole indicates that you’re complete, have all your psychological, emotional and physical functions intact, working with efficiency-dare I say it-unbroken! But who actually is really WHOLE or DAMAGED? Are we not all brilliant, marvellous creations capable of mass change, shift and healing?

As for being human, this means you’re advantageously capable of ‘consciousness’ It means you’re capable of ‘choice and control’ based on your free will. You’re capable of perceiving, critiquing and choosing one thought or action over another based on your habits, preferences and conditioning, and that is the caveat too.

If by habit or conditioning you CHOOSE to believe you’re broken or damaged or worse still, believe in the unquestioned, pernicious opinions of others, then you will no doubt follow that judgement as a character flaw or trait and live by the limited standards in which it construes.

But...as you’re human – you’re also capable of NOT believing or accepting the insular beliefs and patterns of someone else's mind are you.  If you can ‘THINK’ then you can THINK in a different way, by which I mean ‘focus’ on a new or opposite belief – what will you get? Whole?, Complete? Perhaps you will or perhaps you will begin to see that the walls of social stigma and opinion are merely only that - fickle and fleeting opinion, but powerful enough to create self-fulfilling prophesies if we buy into them!

So how do we ‘change’ our ideas both socially and internally? The masses tend to follow thought and order, this is the way of the universe. However, if we choose to step out of that handed down ideas and ‘question’ the TRUTH of your thinking, in other words, question whether your thoughts are TRUE or have any evidence to support them, you will most likely find that they’re not or at least, obscured by our fears.

Possibly for years, decades or longer we have been buying into socially and culturally defined concepts and beliefs of what’s broken and whole, and just swallowing them up into the abyss of the internal workings of our mind like programmable robots, which penultimately leads to the outward effect that is called our actions and behaviours. These actions and behaviours then follow up by operationally executing those limited self or imposed or programmes and ideas of others, and so we behave in a way that we believe ourselves to be.

You are what you think, so within so without’, it’s all the same. What you believe your limits to be, will limit your choices to be anything greater than that belief. So, isn’t it time you questioned those opinions and beliefs and choose the character trait you would like to be, not damaged, broken or faulty – just human and free!

By A Montague 

At -www.transformhypnotherapy.co.uk