- A Montague.

As an advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Mind Coach, I see anxiety on a huge scale. We live in a time where anxiety does not discriminate as much as it perhaps once did; more than ever I see a growing number of children from 5 years upwards suffering from some form of anxiety.  What can we do about it? Having worked for many years in a senior Clinical Paediatric role within the NHS alongside my Hypnotherapy, I have had the pleasure of working with 100's of families, individuals and services to help them - 'teach' a child or adult exactly what it is that creates anxiety when it's off the scale.

   We live in a world where 'if you feel it;  you've got to fix it, numb it or get rid of it now'.  Ok, so the problem here is that none of these work long term.  Why?  Because we never learn how to handle the 'uncertainty of discomfort' we panic and believe that 'feeling it', letting it process through us is a dangerous thing!  Not so, quite the contrary! 

Numbing our expressions of fear or uncertainty of 'what may happen' locks us into a cycle of anxiety, fear and ultimately poor mental or physical health. So what's the answer?  Learning to get comfortable with uncertainty (managing anxiety) in this way provides a huge sense of freedom, creates an ability to relax when the heat it on, and enables you to process the unknown outcomes in a calm, controlled and peaceful way. 

Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy and my unique approach to mind coaching - helps you to create REAL freedom from within.  I love what I do, simply because it gets to the root of the 'real human stuff' the stuff that makes us tick, the stuff that makes us fundamentally human - and that's a worthy reason to pursue a life in helping others.  If you would like to know how YOU can begin being that person, contact me for a free telephone consultation, where I will happily discuss and answer all your questions.  Have a wonderful day! Roo Montague  at

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