Change waiting, don't wait on change

Blog:  by A Montague

Why do we wait so long to change things that needed the heave ho yesterday?
Just about everyone has something they wish to change, to improve, get rid of, or completely change about their lives, right? No matter 'how' much we try and in our mind there's a part that argues..."how hard can it be.... I'll just..., I don't need help, I can do it myself...." We often find out.....Yes it is hard! With the best of intentions and the constant internal and external reminders that we need to change something, it takes effort and we often fall short of those good intentions and efforts.

A=M - a simple, highly effective formula. What does this mean?
It means letting the 'self doubt mind chatter' or doubters, when we're embarking on that change, graciously float past us. By all means, acknowledge it, give it a nod, but let it pass by and do it anyway! Go for what you 'really' want to change. The very word Activation means taking action, creating energy, moving, doing something different or over and over until it sticks and the inner chatter gets fed up with trying to dissuade us because the 'positive benefits chatter' is eventually the loudest, with visible proof that Activation brings Motivation, Motivation brings more actions and more action brings 'change'!

So now what?

Decide WHAT it is you want to change. Whether it's losing weight, overcoming health problems, fears & phobias, confidence, infertility, stopping Smoking etc... and then boost your chances of actually succeeding by activating yourself to seek help, advice, or knowledge, on the thing that you really desire to change, get out, find out, and just start.
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